About Us

Do More With Digital!

Digital has come of age yet many people aren’t quite sure what to do with it from a marketing perspective.

If you are not at least getting your toes wet in the digital “pool,” it is time you did! 

Tandem Media Network, a long respected media organization, has created the Tandem Digital Marketing Agency – a standalone digital arm to serve your business.

With Tandem, you can access our entire suite of digital programs designed to bring your business headlong into the digital age as a new participant…or to amp up your current digital efforts. 

Walk with us here through our various offerings and see if you don’t come away realizing that you can “do more with digital!”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Improve Your Ability For Customers To Find You!

When someone searches for your products or services, we want them to find your business rather than your competitor’s! Be seen by customers at the very moment they’re searching on Google for the things you offer, even if they don’t know you yet.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, we can help.

SEM is based on several basic things that will be critical to your success such as keywords that will trigger the search of a prospect and effective ad copy so you don’t pay for wasted clicks.

We can also show you how many people click on your ad to visit your website or call you. You only pay for the actual leads we generate to your web site.

Reputation Management

Your Brand is What Your Customers Say It Is!

We take your online reputation seriously and so should you. You have worked too hard as a business owner to let negative reviews and inaccurate information destroy your reputation.

85% of consumers say they don’t buy a product or service unless they read reviews first…and a major complaint of online users is inaccurate information about a business. 

Your Tandem team will show you how you can relax while we take care of your online presence. We find and respond to online reviews and fix inaccurate directory listings on the hundreds of web sites that contain your important information.            


How To Get Customers To Come Back and Buy From You!

Did you know that approximately 97% of web site visitors don’t take any action at all during their first visit?

Retargeting attracts customers who have already been to your site, those who are already familiar with your brand, and those who have previously demonstrated interest in what your business offers.

How does it work? We create a number of ads with your message, offers, specials, and business information and then quietly show them to qualified leads all over the Internet.

Detailed reporting demonstrates the results were delivered as ordered and that the reporting was used to continue improving the quality and efficiency of your campaign.

Best of all, the ads are geo-targeted to be sure we reach your potential customers who are living or working in your local area.     

Extended Network Targeting


Native Advertising

Native Tells Your Story!

Tell your story to your future customers through articles and photo galleries on our news sites (Sandusky Register and Norwalk Reflector). More than half a million unique visitors read and interact with our web sites every month. These same users can be seeing and interacting with your purchased content. 

As a part of our online community, your content will match the look and feel of our web page and news content, helping your customer gain trust and familiarity, while allowing you more room for expanded content.

With a full staff of experienced writers, we can tell the story of your business in a natural way that instills confidence in your prospects.           



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